Dental Xtra and Pregnancy1

Hormonal changes put pregnant women at an increased risk for non-cancerous tumors of the gums, as well as a condition called pregnancy gingivitis. Pregnancy gingivitis is a gum disease where gums become red, tender and bleed easily. Left untreated, periodontal disease can help move bacteria from the mouth into the bloodstream, where it can increase the level of labor-inducing fluid.

Babies born to women with gum disease are more likely to be premature or have a low birth weight. Sadly, 70 percent of prenatal deaths and 10 percent of births in the United States are associated with low birth weight. Dental Xtra benefits can help make sure both you and your baby are healthy.

Why is it important to see my dentist if I’m pregnant?

Pregnancy is a critical time for dental care. Visiting your dentist within the first trimester will allow your dentist to map out a dental treatment plan to help maintain your dental health, reduce the risk of exposing your baby to infection and encourage a healthy weight for your baby.

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