Dental Xtra

There is a proven relationship between gum disease and many chronic conditions. When Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield health and dental coverage are combined, members benefit from an integrated health and dental program that helps improve total well-being.

Personalized Benefits Included at No Additional Cost

Dental Xtra condition specific benefits are available to enrolled members outside of their standard dental plan benefits and will vary based upon the medical condition they have. Benefits are covered 100% when seen by a participating provider and tailored to help improve total health with no out-of-pocket expense.

Doing What Our Competitors Can’t

Members who elect both medical and dental with Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield and have a diagnosis of one of the covered medical conditions are enrolled automatically into Dental Xtra. We identify eligible members for enrollment through medical claims. Members who are pregnant or only have a dental plan with Arkansas Blue Cross can easily self-enroll online.

Enroll in Dental Xtra Online

Click on the Dental Xtra logo located in the left sidebar and fill out the online enrollment form.

Condition Specific Benefits

Engagement & Outreach

Good dental health is an important part of total health, but can be especially important for members with certain health conditions.

Program outreach will be mailed periodically to Dental Xtra members:

  1. Program welcome letter will be mailed after enrollment
  2. Follow-up letter will be mailed to members six months after program enrollment
  3. Non-compliant letters are mailed to members who haven't had a dental claim filed within 12 months of Dental Xtra enrollment
  4. Engagement letter is sent annually to members reminding them to use their Dental Xtra benefits